Workpuls Teramind ActivTrak Hubstaff DeskTime Time Doctor RescueTime Kickidler Veriato Work Examiner
Price $6/user/month $6/user/month $7.20/user/month $7/user/month $7/user/month $9.99/user/month $6/user/month $9.99/user/month $150/licence/year $60/licence (lifetime)
Free trial 7 days 7 days No 14 days 14 days 14 days 30 days 7 days Yes 30 days
Ease of use Very easy Difficult Very easy Easy Easy Very easy Very easy Very easy Very difficult Easy
Unlimited (tracker working 24/7)
Fixed (defined working hours)
Automatic (when computer is connected to a specified network)
Manual (start/stop)
Project based (track time only on projects)
Stealth mode
App and website usage
Real-time monitoring
Offline time tracking
Activity levels
Remote desktop control
Website/activity blocking
Screenshots on demand
Screen recording
Productivity trends
Websites and apps labeling
Category labeling
Productivity alerts
User behavior analytics
Data loss prevention
Advanced file and web monitoring
Productivity reports
Team reports
Email reports
Access management
Mac desktop app
Windows desktop app
Linux desktop app
Mobile app iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android iOS, Android Android
Browser extension Chrome Chrome Chrome
Other Citrix, VMware Chrome OS
Support Phone, email, online Phone, email, online Phone, email, online Email, online Phone, email, online, in-person Online Phone, email, online Email, online, Viber, Whatsapp Phone, email, online, support ticket Phone, email, online
Knowledge base
Video tutorials
Integrations comming soon
Deployment cloud, on-premise cloud, on-premise, AWS, Azure cloud cloud cloud cloud cloud on-premise cloud, on-premise on-premise
Kronos Humanity Timeclockplus Tsheets Wheniwork Deputy Replicon Jibble EbilityTimeTracker OnTheClock BeeBole
Price(per month)Available upon requestFrom $2 per userAvailable upon requestFrom $6.40 per user+$16Free for up to 75 usersFrom $2.50 per userBasic plan:$30 for 5 users+$5 per additional userFrom $1.50 per employeeFrom $4 per user+$8From $2.20 per user$5.99 per user per month
Free trial30 days14 daysYes14 days14 days14 days30 days30 days,no credit card required
Ease of useDifficultEasyDifficultVery easyEasyEasyDifficultVery easyEasyEasyEasy
Timecard management
Shift Trading
Break time management
Real-time tracking
PTO Management
Client billing
GPS tracking
Clock out reminders
Manual time
Web app
Mobile app
Time clock device
Time clock kiosk
Facial recognition
Fingerprint scanning
Group punch-in
Visual reports
Email reports
Time rounding
Manager approvals
Add time for others
Android app
iOS app
Mac desktop app
Windows desktop app
Linux desktop app
SupportPhone and onlinePhone and onlinePhone,chat and onlinePhone and chatEmail and onlineChat and phonePhone,email,chat and onlinePhone and onlinePhone,email,chat and onlinePhone and onlineOnline chat and video support in English,French,and Spanish
Knowledge base
Video tutorials
Community forum
Workpuls Hubstaff Toggl TimeDoctor Harvest TimeCamp Timely Everhour Tick TMetric
Price (per month) $6 per user $5.83 per user $9 per user $9.99 per user $10.80 per user $5.25 per user $99 for 5 users $7 per user $19 for 10 projects $5 per user
Free trial 7 days 14 days 30 days 14 days 30 days Yes 14 days 14 days 30 days 30 days
Ease of use Very easy Difficult Difficult Very easy Easy Very easy Easy Difficult Very easy Difficult
Start/stop buttons
Automatic time mapping
App and website usage
Activity levels coming soon
Real-time tracking
Project adding
Project templates
Project status
Task assignment
Task priorities
Budgeting coming soon
Mark billable/non-billable hours
Payroll calculation
Idle time reminders
Deadline alerts coming soon
Budget alerts coming soon
Client login
Productivity analysis
Email reports coming soon
Mac desktop app
Windows desktop app
Linux desktop app coming soon
iOS app Beta
Android app
Browser extension Chrome Chrome, Firefox Chrome Chrome Chrome, Firefox Chrome Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge
Support Phone and online Email and online Email and online Online Online, email and phone Email, online and support ticket Email and chat Email and chat Email Chat
Knowledge base
Video tutorials
Integrations coming soon
On-premise hosting

Disclaimer: We did our best to review all listed products impartially. The review is a combination of our own experience, and online reviews of mentioned tools.

Employee monitoring and time tracking tools can be very powerful and valuable if implemented and used correctly. Essentially, they track employee activity, productivity and help you allocate tasks in a more efficient way. Additionally, monitoring tools can help your security, as you can be aware of any unusual activity on your employees’ computers.

If you’re a manger in a large company, you probably have hundreds (or thousands) employees to schedule and track if they’re coming to work on time. Some of these tools can help with that as well!

How and Why Should You Implement an Employee Monitoring Software?

Deciding to implement an employee monitoring software is a big decision, and it should be enforced overnight. Otherwise, your employees might feel like you’re trying to micromanage or spy on every step they make. If you are strictly looking to gain more control over your workforce, we advise against implementation of any kind of monitoring tools. Monitoring your employees for the wrong reasons, especially on a Big Brother level can cause a backlash.

Additionally, you could lose great performers due to this. We do recommend that you take time to speak to your employees and explain why you want to track them, as well as what would be the benefits of employee monitoring. One of the first steps of successful implementation is informing your employees about it in a transparent, unambiguous way.

How Do You Select the Best Computer Monitoring and Time Tracking Software?

Selecting the best computer monitoring and time tracking software requires a lot of time and research. There are numerous options with many different features and you should consider them all before selecting one vendor.

Four important factors you should be looking into before making a final decision are:

  • Cost – If you’re a small business owner you won’t have a large budget for a worker tracking app, so you should pay attention to the price. Most companies offer monthly and yearly subscriptions, but they’re mostly based on the number of employees.
  • Customization – Each company and industry are different and your company might require that the tool is adjustable to your circumstances.
  • Simplicity – Complicated tools require complicated onboarding processes, lengthy installations and special training for users.
  • Free Trial – You don’t want to spend money on a work tracker that won’t work in your company’s environment. Testing out the monitoring software for a few weeks will help you select a fitting tool.

To make it easier for you, we selected 26 different employee monitoring software and time tracking apps for employees to review and help you make your decision. If you are interested in tracking workers, you’ll find a suitable tool in this list.

In order for the list to be as relevant as possible, we’ve only included software which has over 10 user reviews online. So without further ado let’s jump to the list.

employee monitoring and time tracking software review


workpuls employee monitoring software

The self-proclaimed simplest employee monitoring software and time tracking app might be just that. Insightful’s best feature is definitely automatic time tracking. Although, it also allows customization for enterprises and large clients. The installation, whether on premise or off premise is done in a few clicks, even for organizations with more than 500 employees. In addition, its dashboard is pretty intuitive and it’ll take no time for you to get used to it.

Even though it has a huge disadvantage compared to most tools – no integration abilities, Insightful makes up for it with an option to track projects and tasks separately (making it an ideal tool for BIM companies). It’s also super light, so it is great for large companies as it will not take up too much space.

Another point worth mentioning is their excellent analytics board, which can help you analyze employee app and website usage, time spent on a particular project or task, but also help you identify productivity levels and changes within all teams.

If you want to monitor remote workers, you can do it with Insightful, as it is suitable for in-house and remote teams.

One would think that such tool costs a fortune, yet Insightful is very competitive with their price starting at $8 per employee/per month or $76.8 per employee/per year. For enterprises, their price depends on many factors and it can be discussed further after you schedule a demo. In case you still haven’t decided with tacking tool to purchase, Insightful offers 7-day free trial period.

All in all, Insightful is a rising star among monitoring tools. It has clients from Europe, USA and Asia, and its great results brought it another big investment.

In general, Insightful reviews are excellent. It’s rated at 4.7 stars on Get App and 4.5 stars on Capterra. Some users did mention apps design as a disadvantage, but the team is diligently working on an update and we can expect to see a much better version soon.


hubstaff employee monitoring

Hubstaff says their software is everything your team needs to work smarter. It has a ton of features, including GPS Tracking and automated online payroll system. However, their pricing system is based on features, and even though the price goes as low as $5 it could be considered a bit deceptive, as it only includes time and activity tracking, screenshots and 1 integration. If you want more advanced features such as GPS tracking, invoices and payroll, you would need to set aside $10 per user/per month.

Their user interface and installation process are pretty intuitive and simple. Yet, their dashboard does not allow some advance reporting options.

All in all, Hubstaff is great for those who don’t depend on customization, but integration. Some of its advanced features go above and beyond compared to their competitors.

Hubstaff reviews on Capterra are 4.5 stars, while on Get App it’s 4.6.


Teramind comuter monitoring software
Source: User Activity Monitoring & DLP, Screenshot

Teramind’s uniqueness lies in the fact that they’re offering a bit of everything in their employees tracking software. Considering the amount of features and options (which include security and compliance), it is no wonder that Teramind is one of the most expensive tools out there. Its prices range from $60 to $250 per month.

The pricing depends on features and number of employees, but it also differs for on-site and cloud hosting. The minimum number of users you can track with cloud-based solution is 5 (10 for on-site), doesn’t make it especially practical for smaller teams. Never mind such limitations, Teramind is offering something far better to users of their UAM and DPL solutions – forensics, audits, and compliance (among other things).

When it comes to online reviews, Teramind ranks almost as all others with 4.6 stars at Get App and 4.5 start at Capterra.

Time Doctor

TimeDoctor time tracking software
Source:, Screenshot

With 10+ features Time Doctor combines project management tools with employee monitoring software. Additionally, it offers integrations with some of the most popular project management, communication and accounting apps like Slack and Trello.

The price is $9.99 / user per month and the package include all features this tool offers. The downside of it is the design – it’s not very attractive or easy to install/use. Furthermore, if you want some advanced features you should definitely consider paying a few more bucks and getting a more sophisticated monitoring solution. However, if you’re solely interested in work time track, you’ll probably be a perfect match for Time Doctor.

Time Doctor reviews are pretty much the same as everyone else’s: 4.5 stars on Get App and Capterra.


activtrak time tracking

ActivTrak offers something none of the tools listed here does – free employee monitoring software. To be fair, it is only for up to 3 team members and its features are very limited compared to their Advanced plan which is valued at $7.20 per user per month.

While the Freemium package will get you an open source employee monitoring software with 3 GB of storage space, analytics, website blocking, and scheduled monitoring, their Advanced package offers much more. With this paid plan, you can have some security features such as USB detection and file transfer detection.  There are also some features not included in either of the packages which are charged additionally.

Another downside is that, unlike others, it doesn’t track keystroke activity which is one of the most beneficial basic features in all other tools.

ActivTrak reviews are no worse or better than others: 4.5 stars on Capterra, and 4.6 on Get App.


InterGuard is a bit different than all other tools we’ve talked about. They do offer a software to monitor employee computers, but they also have Web Filtering, Data Loss Prevention, Cell Phone Monitoring and Laptop Data Recovery products. As the purpose of this article is to review monitoring tools, we will focus on their Employee/Computer Monitoring software.

Main features of InterGuard are defined as Record, Report and Alert. Alerting feature sends you notifications of suspicious behavior. Reporting tool has 30 different reporting templates (but you can create your own) and it can be used to report on user activity, anomalous behavior and it allows you to easily search all activity data collected from 1 employee. Recording feature includes 10+ activities including email, social media, geolocation, website history, etc.

At a price of $8 per user per month (Based on 25 computers when purchased annually), InterGuard offers all features for a cloud-based solution. If you’d like an on-premise solution you would need to reach out to their team to get a quote.

InterGuard reviews ratings are noticeably better than ratings of other solutions (at least on Get App): 4.8 stars on Get App, and 4 stars on Capterra.


tanda time and attendance
Source:, screenshot

Tanda is a workforce management, time and attendance software. It helps you automatize your rosters, shift schedules, clock ins and outs, as well as payroll. It offers various

integrations and a certain level of customization. Unfortunately, reports function is not one of those things that can be customized.

Their pricing varies depending on the package and the company size. The Basic package offers almost no features for $5 per employee per month, while you would need to request a quote for the Business package as the price depends on the number of your employees.

In any case, the tool is more practical if you are looking for a work time tracker software with HR option. However, if you’re looking for something with more monitoring-like features, we recommend you go with a different software.

When it comes to Tanda reviews, it ranks at 4.6 stars on Get App and 4.5 at Capterra.


kickidler review
Source:, screenshot

Kickidler offer online computer monitoring and time tracking, with features like productivity analysis, computer screen recording, violations monitoring, keylogging and remote PC access.

UX is well-developed, and the software is easy to use. Installation, as with most other tools, is simple and quick. It also gets new updates frequently, so users are able to experience a much better tool with each update.

The downside of the program is that data is sent through internet, and it can use more than 600 GB per month. Additionally it doesn’t offer cloud for server deployment and has no integrations.

The licences are limited by time, so the price of one licence goes from $9.99 per month. However, there is an option of purchasing a licence for 3 – 12 months, or 1 year to lifetime. If you are purchasing more licences, you can even get a discount.

Kickidler is not listed on Get App, but it’s Capterra score is 5 stars (14 reviews).


rescuetime time tracking app

RescueTime is one of the most basic time tracking tools available. Its features are limited to automatic time capture, employee database, and timesheet management. Depending on what you’re looking for, this can be seen as good or bad. One great thing about it is that you can set up daily goals and targets for your teams.

You can either get the RescueTime Lite for free (with limited options), or purchase RescueTime at the price of $9 per month per employee (or $72 with an annual plan).

RescueTime reviews sum up to 4.5 stars both on Get App and Capterra.


DeskTime work tracker

DeskTime, an automatic time tracking software started as an internal tool that grew beyond its expectations. It now includes 14 different features like: Pomodoro timer, offline time tracking, document title tracking, etc.

However, it seems that you cannot track many projects at the same time.

It has a LITE version with basic time tracking available for free (1 user only), while for teams they have a DeskTime PRO version starting at $7 per user per month.

User reviews of DeskTime are similar to all other apps, it has a score of 4.5 stars on Capterra and Get App.


employe computer monitoring software

TMetric is a time tracker for work created for freelances and teams. The features depend on the plan you select, but they include time tracking, team management, reporting and some integrations. In order to use the app to its full extent, you would need to purchase a Business plan

It seems that the app usually crashes and doesn’t allow you to record time on certain days. Also, some of the tools are hard to use, as they require extreme precision.

There are 3 pricing plans: Free, Professional and Business. The free version offers some basic features. Professional price ranges up to $225, while for Business package it can be up to $315.

The online reviews for TMetric are good, and they rank with 4.4 stars on Get App and 4.5 on Capterra.


toggl monitor employee computers

Toggl is a time tracking tool, and they spread features into Basic and Advanced. The most basic features include time tracking and reporting. Advance features consist of automated time sheet management, deep insights, reports which are being sent to your email at the selected time, and Toggl support.

The advanced features are still pretty basic if you are looking for something more than just time tracking. And they are a bit pricey, considering you can get a tool with much more features for as low as $6. Essentially, there are three payment plans – Starter (10 per employee per month), Premium ($20 per employee per month) and Enterprise (custom pricing, depending on your needs and the scale of your organization).

Toggl reviews are not considerably worse or better than other tools – 4.5 stars on Capterra, and 4.6 on Get App.


skypetime time tracker for work

SkypeTime is a tool that tracks your employees’ Skype for Business presence and builds reports based on it. Unfortunately, it does not integrate with Outlook Calendar, so many times you need to enter your meeting times manually

Given that it is a very basic and simple tool the price seems a bit much. It’s 5.5 EUR per employee for companies up to 25 people. Price per employee goes down the more employees you have.

SkypeTime Capterra reviews sum up to 4.5 stars, although it seems that the reviewers confused it with actual Skype application as most reviews are about it and not SkypeTime.


worktime work tracker

WorkTime is an employee productivity tracker. It tracks internet and software usage, and provides reports on employees’ productivity levels. It is easy to setup and use.

It has a 30-day free trial option, and it offers could and on-site storage. If you choose the corporate version, it will set you back $13.99 to $59.99. However this is a one-time payment, and if you only have 3 employees you can get the software for free.

WorkTime reviews on Capterra are lowest we’ve seen so far in this list – 4 stars, and the tool is not listed on Get App.

WebWork Time Tacker

webwork time tracker

WebWork Time Tracker is an employee time tracking app and a monitoring software. It comes with usual features like screenshots, activity reports and invoice creation. They are currently in beta testing of a task management feature which could bump them up above most employee computer tracking software.

However, the tool considers you inactive if you haven’t moved your mouse in 7 minutes, which can be annoying if you are watching a video tutorial or attending an online presentation/meeting. It has certain bugs, and some users found it hard to locate some settings.

WebWork reviews are good, 4.5 starts both on Get App and on Capterra.


tick time tracking projects

Tick is focused on time tracking projects. It has a capability of tracking projects, budgets, reports and more. It allows you to assign different projects to your employees, and it also has an option of keeping projects private only to the people working on them.

However, if you’re keen on multitasking, you need to run multiple timers in order to make sure all time is tracked. It would be much better if the program is able to track which projects you’re working on so it can switch automatically.

The price of this time tracker for projects depends on the number of projects. Tick is free for 1 project, $19/month for up to 10 projects, $49/per month for 30, $79 for 60 and $149 for an unlimited number of projects.

Tick user reviews are satisfying, going from 4.4 at Get App up to 4.5 on Capterra.


timecamp employee time tracking software

TimeCamp’s biggest advantage is that is combines productivity, time tracking and project management into one app. Such features with over 100 integrations can really provide a great insight into your team’s productivity and efficiency.

The biggest issues seem to be that the web app is working much better than the desktop app.

There are 4 different price packages – it is completely free with time tracking feature for 1 user. If you want some additional features it is $7/month per employee. Yet, if you want to enjoy in all the features they are offering you would need to purchase the Pro plan at $10 per month. Companies over 100 employees have custom prices, and it’s best to contact their team to check.

TimeCamp has the best review we’ve seen thus far on Get Appp – 4.7 stars, while on Capterra it is 4.5.

My Hours

My Hours review

My Hours is an employees tracking app with special focus on tracking time on tasks and projects. Depending on the features you want to use and the number of people on your team, you can go with the free plan for a single user or the Pro plan for $6 per user per month with additional features.

Its free plan isn't exactly open source employee monitoring software for teams but its paid plan is more that affordable compared to most staff tracking tools. It lets you set hourly rates, create invoices as well as analyze and track time on projects.

When it comes to My Hours reviews, users seem satisfied with the product rating it on average 4.5 on Capterra, and 4.7 on Get App.


timeular computer monitoring software

Timeular is definitely the most unique tracking tool on the market. The reason? It’s not just a software. The company makes an actual device which helps you switch your work time tracker from task to task. The product can be connected to your computer via Bluetooth, and you can customize its sides to fit your work needs. Every time you switch to a new task just turn the device on the side you dedicated to that task.

There are 3 different purchasing plans for individuals. Basic - $99 for the device + software for free (with no Pro features); Monthly Pro - $49 for the device + $7 per month for the software; and a Lifetime Pro - $49 for the device + $299 for the software.

The downside is it is more suitable for individuals than companies. However, they do offer special prices for businesses and you can contact them to find out.

Timeular users enjoy the product, and its reviews are on average 4.5 on Capterra.


everhour worker tracking app

Everhour is a solution which offers time tracking, project management and budgeting in one software. It has a lot of features for complicated projects, however it seems to be lacking the simplicity some users might require.

Price for a solo licence is $8 per month billed annually, while for companies it’s $7/month per employee.

Everhour reviews are quite good, and it ranks with 4.5 on average on Capterra, and 4.6 on Get App.

iSolved Time

iSolved time time tracking apps for employees

iSolved Time is a time and attendance software, which helps you organize employees’ time, schedule and attendance. According to them, it is perfect for small and medium sized organization. They also offer mobile time tracking, and physical clocks.

There’s a lot of space for user error, as the software seems a bit dated and has too many options. It definitely requires training. To learn more about pricing, you would need to contact their team to get an accurate quote.

iSolved Time has the lowest user reviews we’ve seen, with an average of 3.5 stars on Capterra.


jibble time tracker projects

Jibble is yet another time and attendance software on the market. It’s tracking time and helping you calculate payrolls easily. It also has an analytics dashboard, and you can use the stats to improve your employees’ productivity.

Jibble is really inexpensive, which is fair considering its limited features. For the most basic ones, you would need to pay only $2/employee per month. Bigger packages with more features are $3 and $4.

The tool has simple features, and if you’re only looking to monitor time and attendance than it’s good value for the money.

Jibble user reviews are great, it averages at 5 starts on Capterra, as well as on Get App.


timeneye employee time tracking

Timeneye is a combination of a time tracking and project management software. Besides time tracking, its features include tracking tasks and projects in real-time, so you can manage billable hours more effectively, but also make sure you are spending your resources in a smart way.

There are a lot of integrations as well, including Basecamp, Asana, Trello, and Google tools.

It is lacking automatic backup options, so if you’re not careful you might lose your data.

Timeneye has great user reviews, averaging at 4.5 stars on Capterra.


officetime employee monitoring

OfficeTime is a time tracking software that works on PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad. The software calculates billable hours and expenses as well. It works on one-time purchase, and it costs $47 both for Mac and Windows computers.

Unfortunately, the software does not recognize idle mode and in case you forget to turn it off while you’re away from the computer it will keep tracking your time and messing up with the end reports.

User reviews of OfficeTime are good, averaging at 4.5 stars on Capterra.

SoftActivity Monitor

softactivity employee software monitoring

SoftActivity Monitor is an employee tracking software with some “big-brotherish” features such as e-mail and keystroke recording. It is also possible to monitor employees without them knowing – which is allowed by the law only in special situations.

If you’re looking to purchase it, you need to get it for at least 3 employees. Good thing is that the licence never expires, so it’s a one-time purchase. However, if you want to get software updates for 2 or 3 years, you need to pay extra. 1 year of updates and a software for 3 people would cost you €177.99.

User reviews of SoftActivity monitor average 4.5 stars on Capterra.

Cerebral (Veriato 360)

Veriato is an employee computer monitoring software. It covers productivity, as well as information security. It makes sure you are notified in case your employees are trying to steal company information.

However, it uses a lot of space on the server and the interface is not really friendly (even with this new version).

Users seem to like it though, Cerebral (Veriato 360) reviews average at 4.5 on Capterra.


There you have it. An extensive list of the best time tracking apps and employee monitoring software in one place. In the end, we decided to create an infographic comparing which software actually pays out more based on prices and features they offer.

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