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Design Your Best Work Model with Location-Based Insights

WFH or work from the office? Insightful tells you which is better for productivity by measuring how work location impacts your team’s performance so you can create your best work model.
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Keep Productivity High In and Out of the Office

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Measure the Impact Of Work Location

See how work location impacts performance, so you can decide who gets to WFH – and who doesn’t.

Design Your Most Effective Work Model

Design your optimal work policy based on location-based data – fully remote, in-office or hybrid.

Offer More WFH Opportunities with Confidence

Give your people the work flexibility they want while never sacrificing visibility.


See How Insightful Enables Fields Group to Productive Remote Work

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“What I like about Insightful is that it replaces the ability of a team leader when people are working from home and don’t have a team leader around.”

Jonathan Latchem-Smith

Director, Fields Group

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Sync All Your Work Data with Insightful with Integrations

Insightful integrates with apps you use every day, allowing you to sync data from all systems to leverage even deeper insights.

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Integrates With Your Favorite Project Management Tools

Sync your project management tools to unlock even more time-based insights.

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Discover More About Insightful’s Powerful Location Insights Features

Help Centre

How to Use the Location Insights Feature

Get an easy-to-understand technical walkthrough of the Location Insights feature in our knowledge base.

Demo Video

Watch Location Insights Feature in Action

Take an over-the-shoulder tour of what the Location Insights feature can by checking out the demo video below.


Learn About the Location Insights Feature

Insightful's Location Insights feature allows you to track and compare your team's productivity based on their work location.


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What is the Location Insights Feature?

The Location Insights feature is part of Insightful’s remote employee monitoring software platform. It enables you to compare productivity and efficiency based on location. This allows you to do things like compare how productivity changes in and out of the office, design your optimal hybrid work structure, gain visibility into your remote team, and more.

What are the benefits of tracking remote vs office productivity?

Knowing how, when and where your team is working enables you to confirm hybrid policies are being adhered to, see how location impacts performance and manage your remote team in real-time from anywhere. This is what Insightful’s remote employee time tracking software enables you to do.

Can Insightful be installed remotely?

Yes! Insightful can be installed remotely on your employees’ devices via an install link or through remote deployment options like Active Directory.

What type of companies use Insightful for remote and hybrid work?

Thousands of companies use Insightful daily for remote employee monitoring. Any organization that has employees that work remotely or in a hybrid work model will benefit from using Insightful for time and attendance to simplify the process. This includes industries like call centers, support teams, data analysis, BPOs, IT, finance, insurance and more. 

Can I use Insightful if my team is fully remote?

Yes. Insightful is incredibly flexible. You can use it however your team works: fully remote, hybrid or office based. Simply, it makes Monitoring remote employees easier and more effective.

Does Insightful offer a free trial?

Yes. You can try Insighftul’s remote work monitoring software for 7 days for free, which includes access to all features. No credit card needed! Click here to start your trial. 

Keep Your Team Productive, Wherever They Work

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