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Insightful + Humaans Integration

Automatically sync and enrich your employee HR data.

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This Insightful integration for Humaans will automatically sync your employee HR data, enrich it, and distribute individuals to their respective teams.

Key Benefits

Use this Insightful integration for automatic one-way data syncing and enrichment. 

See the updates you make to employee data in Humaans instantly reflected in Insightful for easy workforce management.

Insightful will distribute employees to their respective teams once the data syncing process has been completed.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Gain insights into the individual availability of your employees with real-time PTO data syncing and plan ahead with employee capacity data.

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Employee Directory
Use the Insightful integration to instantly sync and enrich your employee HR data.

Automatic Data Syncing for Real-Time Productivity Monitoring

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Productivity Monitoring

Use productivity monitoring to gauge performance levels in real time and predict future trends based on accurate data. Try activity labeling to build a picture of productivity.

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Activities Monitoring

Find out exactly how your employees spend their work hours each day with activities monitoring. From a centralized dashboard, track employee app and website usage in real time.

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Hybrid and Remote

Tailor your time tracking to any work model. Regardless of how your workforce is divided, you can review performance levels based on location.

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Bolster your existing tech stack with automatic time tracking and real-time productivity monitoring with more than 50+ integrations.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

With automatic PTO data syncing, you can better inform your capacity planning process and make sure productivity levels stay consistent in spite of absent employees.

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Receive attendance alerts in real time that notify you when an employee is late for a shift. Be proactive in your response, and redistribute the workload accordingly.

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