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Insightful + AlexisHR Integration

Transfer employee data and assign individuals to teams automatically.

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With this Insightful integration you can eliminate manual entry from the data migration process. Your employee HR data will automatically sync to Insightful, and employees will be assigned to their respective teams.

Key Benefits

This Insightful integration offers full one-way data synchronization, allowing you to seamlessly add and update your employee HR data in Insightful. Any change you make in AlexisHR will instantly be reflected in Insightful, so you can manage your workforce in real time.

Eliminating the need for manual data entry, this integration mitigates the issue of human error - which could cost you countless hours to fix. Not to mention the time it would take you to manually transfer the data.

Once your employee HR data is stored in Insightful, individual employees will be automatically assigned to their respective teams so you can start monitoring individual and team productivity from the outset.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Track all time spent inside and outside of the office with PTO data syncing . Get all the information you need to schedule employees and manage capacity as Insightful updates PTO in real time to match your records.

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Employee Directory
Seamlessly sync employee HR data from AlexisHR to Insightful, and assign individuals to teams automatically.

Streamline Your Data Syncing with Automated Real-Time Updates

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Productivity Monitoring

Identify when your employees are at their most - and least - productive. Use labels to determine high-priority, and assess how well they spend their time with tracking.

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Automatic Threat Detection

Safeguard your business and confidential data with automatic threat detection. Insightful empowers you to be proactive as you combat cyber threats.

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Office vs Remote

Stop wondering if your workforce gets more done from the office or their homes with location-based data. Filter shifts according to work schedule and compare productivity data.

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Connect your essential tools with just one click. Add time tracking and productivity monitoring to your existing workflows across 50+ integrations.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Add all employee PTO information to Insightful to increase visibility into schedules and adjust your resources as needed. Assess productivity levels factoring in PTO.

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Receive automatic attendance alerts that notify you when an employee is late for a shift. Even when you’re short on numbers, alerts can help you distribute resources in real-time.

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