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Insightful + Gusto Integration

Accelerate Insightful onboarding by integrating with Gusto. Synchronize data like email, full name, job title and employees' statuses.

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Adapt your HR data management approach for workforce analytics. Integration will enrich Insightful's data with relevant fields such as full name, email, job title, and status (active/inactive), and it will assign employees to their respective teams.

Key Benefits

Automatically and accurately sync your employee HR data from Gusto into Insightful for seamless onboarding onto the platform.

Develop a single, reliable data source in Gusto so you can make informed decisions based on accurate data in Insightful. 

Simplify employee record management as Insightful updates to reflect changes you make in Gusto instantly. Any modifications to names, emails, job titles, or statuses in Gusto will promptly appear in Insightful.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Streamline your workforce planning with integrated employee time off data syncing.

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Employee Directory
Seamlessly synchronize and organize your employee HR data in Insightful with this integration.

Streamline your Scaling with Simple Onboarding

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Productivity Monitoring

Use Insightful’s advanced analytics to evaluate and enhance team productivity and meet your strategic goals.

Activites monitoring icon

Activities Monitoring

Track and assess the use of apps and websites to identify tools that support or hinder productivity in your teams.

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Hybrid and Remote

Tailor your workforce management for various work settings with Insightful’s location-based tracking.

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Expand the efficiency of your HR operations and the functionality of Insightful with more than 50 integrations.

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Time Off Sync

Make accurate project and resource planning decisions using integrated time off data syncing for your employees.

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Get real-time attendance alerts that help you stay on top of workforce dynamics and allow you to respond quickly to lateness.

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