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Insightful + SAP SuccessFactors Integration

Automatically sync and enrich employee HR data.

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Use this Insightful integration to eliminate manual busywork. Get automatic employee HR data syncing, enrichment, and team member assignment.

Key Benefits

With full one-way automatic data syncing and enrichment, Insightful allows you to instantly pull employee HR data from SAP SuccessFactors for effective workforce management and monitoring.

Insightful will assign employees to their respective teams so you’ll be set up to track team and individual performance across your company.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Get automatic PTO data syncing to accurately inform your capacity planning. Never get caught short again as you can predict your capacity and resource needs from within Insightful.

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SAP SuccessFactors
Employee Directory
Automatically sync your employee HR data from SAP SuccessFactors to Insightful with team member assignment.

Simple Data Syncing with Automatic Real-Time Updates

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Productivity Monitoring

Put your finger on the pulse of performance levels with powerful productivity monitoring features in Insightful. Understand progress with reports, labels, and time tracking.

activities Monitoring icon

Activities Monitoring

Understand the minutiae of how your employees and teams spend their work days. Use website and app usage tracking to see if there are any time-saving decisions you could make.

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Hybrid and Remote

Support all work models whether your employees work from home, in the office, or both. Use automatic time tracking to compare performance levels based on location.

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Employee Wellbeing Tracking

Benefit from increased visibility into your workforce by monitoring trends in performance. Evaluate trends, and proactively address wellbeing issues such as burnout.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Get real-time PTO data syncing so you can fill in the gaps in your capacity planning process and understand the complete picture of absenteeism.

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Receive real-time attendance alerts that notify you when an employee is late for a shift. Get on top of your resource management by staying in the know.

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