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Insightful + Microsoft Entra ID Integration

Automatic data syncing and enrichment in Insightful.

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Use this Insightful integration to get your employee HR data into the productivity monitoring software for effective workforce management. We synchronize details of employees, including their email, full name, job title, and current status (active or not active).

Key Benefits

In just a few clicks you can sync your employee HR data into Insightful, enrich it with relevant HR data fields, and automatically assign employees to their respective teams for easy management.

This integration allows you to easily respond to changes in employee information. Whether they receive a promotion or leave the company, you can see this data reflected in Insightful.

With this integration you can seamlessly scale your systems up and down since Mircrosoft Entra ID acts as a single source of data truth and Insightful will instantly reflect any changes you make.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Project future capacity by gaining accurate insights into employee availability with time off data syncing.

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Microsoft Entra ID
Employee Directory
Automatically sync employee HR data into Insightful, enrich it, and assign employees to teams.

Seamlessly Scale your Systems with Fast Onboarding

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Productivity Monitoring

Use Insightful’s powerful productivity monitoring features to gain visibility into workforce performance and make changes to boost productivity.

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Activities Monitoring

With website and app usage tracking you can see exactly how your teams are working with tools so you can make decisions on which are most helpful.

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Hybrid and Remote

Location-based tracking gives you insights into how employees work in different work models so you can best support their productivity levels.

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Pair Insightful’s time tracking and productivity monitoring with more than 50 different integrations to do more with your employee data.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Project future capacity by understanding your employee availability in real time with time off data syncing.

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Get real-time attendance alerts that notify you when employees show up late for shifts so you can quickly redeploy resources to maintain productivity.

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