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Insightful + Lano Integration

Accelerate Insightful onboarding by integrating with Lano.

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This integration for Lano allows you to automatically transfer your employee HR data to Insightful, and make Lano your single source for data truth. The integration enriches your employee data including fields like emails, full names, job titles, and whether they are active or not.

Key Benefits

Use this Integration to automatically sync all your employee HR data into Insightful.

Insightful will enrich the data with all relevant fields and then automatically assign employees to their respective teams.

Effortlessly onboard new employees. Simply enter the new data into Lano, and it will be instantly reflected in Insightful.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Track how much paid time off your employees take, so you can better plan for the future and predict future availability for projects.

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Employee Directory
Use the Insightful integration to automatically sync your employee HR data from Lano into Insightful.

Automatic Data Syncing for Simplified Onboarding

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Productivity Monitoring

Access powerful productivity monitoring features for detailed workforce analytics and reports.

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Activities Monitoring

Track website and app usage so you can identify how to best support team performance.

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Hybrid and Remote

Use location-based tracking to help teams working in hybrid and remote work schedules.

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Pair the automatic time tracking and productivity monitoring of Insightful with over 50 integrations.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Use smart time off data management syncing to inform your capacity planning process.

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Get real-time attendance alerts to notify you when employees show up late for a shift.

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