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Insightful + PingOne Integration

Get automatic data syncing from PingOne to Insightful with this integration for effective workforce management.

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Simplify your employee HR data management for key productivity insights. Integration will enrich Insightful's data with relevant fields such as full name, email, job title, and status (active/inactive), and it will assign employees to their respective teams.

Key Benefits

Effortlessly sync your employee HR data from PingOne to Insightful, with enrichment and team assignment.

With smart syncing, you can create a single source of data truth in PingOne and always have up-to-date employee data in Insightful to make informed strategic decisions.

Facilitate smooth employee transitions, as Insightful will automatically update to reflect changes you make in PingOne. Any modifications to names, emails, job titles, or statuses in PingOne will promptly appear in Insightful.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Take care of capacity planning with time off data syncing. Get extra visibility into employee availability to inform your scheduling.

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Employee Directory
Streamline employee HR data management in Insightful with automatic syncing and team assignment.

Seamlessly Onboard and Offboard with Data Syncing

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Productivity Monitoring

Use Insightful’s powerful productivity monitoring features and analytics to evaluate and improve performance levels.

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Activities Monitoring

Analyze website and app usage with real-time monitoring to make decisions about the best tools for your teams.

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Hybrid and Remote

Use location-based tracking to understand how (and where) your teams do their best work.

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Expand Insightful’s functionality with more than 50 different integrations for efficient workflows.

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Time Off Sync

Use time off data syncing to accurately forecast employee and team availability and inform your project planning.

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Get real-time attendance alerts when employees are late so you can make fast adjustments when necessary.

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