How Grapes Digital Uses Data from Insightful to Shed Light on Remote Teams

Discover how Grapes Digital uses employee monitoring as a supplemental tool for feedback and managing remote teams.

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Employee Monitoring

Left in the Dark

Grapes Digital is an integrated communications agency headquartered in New Delhi, India. Like many companies at the time, when the COVID lockdown happened, Grapes’ workforce was forced to go remote practically overnight. The sudden transition left Grapes a bit in the dark when it came to managing their newly remote teams. The challenge they were facing was the inability to know if employees were working and if they were working productively. 

Before implementing Insightful, Grapes Digital were not getting their desired output levels. They had concerns that some employees who claimed to be working were not working to typical standards. That’s when they began looking for a solution.

The way the product was explained was simple and clear. Insightful presented their product better than competitors, it really helped us to thoroughly understand the product.
Himanshu Arya,
Founder & Chief Mentor

Favorite Features

Active vs Idle Time

Insightful enables Grapes Digital to not only see when employees clock in and out, but offers insight into exactly how much of that time is spent actively working. If employees are clocked in but their data shows much of their day is idle, management knows they have an issue to address with the employee. 

Time & Attendance

The Time and Attendance tracker allows Grapes Digital to see exactly when employees begin and end their workday, as well as take breaks. This helps management know exactly when their employees are working and is useful for identifying trends of lateness, leaving early, etc.

Productivity Tracking

Even if employees are clocked in and active during their workday, Insightful’s Productivity Tracking data reflects exactly how much of that active time is actually spent working and creating value for the company. This data helps Grapes pinpoint exactly where productivity problems may lie.

Insightful: The Clear Choice

Grapes Digital needed to shed some light on their remote workforce so they could clearly see when and how their employees were working. That’s when they came to Insightful. 

Before settling on Insightful as their preferred choice, they explored competitors as well - all the big names. But in the end, they chose Insightful because the presentation of the demo helped them to easily understand what the product is and how it functions. 

Another benefit that led them to choose Insightful was the way their organization was able to integrate and modify their data. This was important because some metrics that may be inconsequential for other companies were important productivity indicators for Grapes Digital. With Insightful, they are able to get their reports in a designated format with all the metrics that are important to them. This enabled them to easily make sense of all relevant data. 

Grapes Digital chose to deploy Insightful companywide. Employees were aware the product was being deployed and had some concerns at first, but once Insightful became a part of their everyday life, and they could see how it works, they were able to work comfortably with the software. Grapes explained to their workforce that they are using Insightful as a supplementary tool, and no one is regularly looking at their data - they are only utilizing analytics. 

We use Insightful as a countermeasure when management notices problematic output or behavior of a team member.
Himanshu Arya,
Founder & Chief Mentor

Insightful Helps Shed New Light

Grapes Digital uses Insightful reactively as a supplementary tool to reference when there are management or HR issues with employees. Only when issues arise do they take a detailed look at employee data. When managers are concerned about an employee’s lack of output, HR pulls up the employee’s data on Insightful. They then double check the employee’s time and attendance, productive hours, which apps are they active in, and only if required, they pull  screenshots and other data as well.

The data provided by Insightful allows HR and management to identify trends in the data, so they can address any recurring issues with the employee. 

Illuminating Problematic Trends in Remote Workforces

Provides Greater Visibility of Remote Teams

Insightful allows businesses to see exactly when and how their remote teams are working. Productivity, time and attendance, and app usage data provide management with full visibility of their remote teams, so they aren’t left flying blind.

Supports Better Performance Management

Insightful is an excellent supplementary tool for management and HR, equipping them with the data needed to identify potentially problematic trends in their workforce, allowing them to intervene and manage effectively - even from a distance.

Provides Metrics Relevant to your Business

Insightful allows companies to integrate and modify their data in a way that is relevant to their business, delivering your data in a designated, easily digestible format to enhance your organization’s business intelligence.

Better Manage Remote Teams with Insightful

Use Insightful’s powerful productivity insights to better manage your remote workforce.
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