How Increased Accountability Drove 20% Increase in Sales

Drop in productivity means a drop in sales for Farmers Insurance agents, but Insightful helps them reach new heights.

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Taking Action to Turn Sales Around

Farmers Insurance is an enterprise with many smaller franchises around the United States. They provide insurance in various categories, including business, life, home, and auto insurance. Their franchises vary in size levels, but many of them have found Insightful to be of great use no matter the agency size.

During the first week of COVID-19 lockdown, Farmers Insurance sales fell down noticeably due to low productivity levels. After doing some research they found Insightful and it completely won them over. They realized that it will help them track all computer activities of their employees thus increasing accountability for their actions during working hours.

We were monitoring productivity in the sense that we were looking at the results, at daily sales. Within the first week of COVID-19 lockdown, we’ve lost about $25,000 in sales per location so we knew we had to do something.
Brett Vance,
Agency Owner

Favorite Features


The graph presenting the most used apps and websites provides Farmers Insurance with a great visual overview of productivity.

Productivity Tracking

Even employees at Farmers Insurance get excited when they’re checking their daily productivity levels and overall improvement statistics.

Activities Tracking

Getting the data on active vs idle time, and comparing that to VOIP data lets Farmers Insurance determine exactly how productive everyone was during the day.

Making Productivity Measuring Fun

Employees at Farmers Insurance now get excited about productivity. At first, they weren’t really psyched about it, but after just a few short weeks their productivity increased notably, and they can’t wait to see their daily results.

When we started using Insightful the productivity was at about high 70 to 80%. Right now we’re at 92%! We have people coming over at the end of the day and asking: “How did I do today? I feel I had a really good day.” So the tool brought a sort of gamification to their daily activities.
Brett Vance,
Agency Owner

Turning Around Employees’ Reactions

When they decided to use Insightful, managers and franchise owners at Farmers Insurance had a tough choice to make - follow their instincts and use the software, or agree with employees and deem it unnecessary which would ultimately lead to lower productivity levels and fewer sales.

Maybe we even came on too strong with our decision, but it was a matter of our business’ survival. From that point on everyone understood why we’re using Insightful, nobody quit, no one fought back. In the end, our sales jumped through the roof and most people on the sales team made the bonus quota this month.
Brett Vance,
Agency Owner

Insightful Was Designed for Insurance Teams

Measure Performance

Rely on more than just your sales data to measure the performance of your insurance team. Know which apps and websites they’re using to find opportunities for improvement and additional training.

Identify Top Performers

By combining Insightful data with metrics from other systems, you’ll easily identify top performers and create a proper reward system. You can also identify people who are struggling and might need more support.

Ensure Productivity at Every Location

Whether your team is working from the office, or from home - you can make sure everyone is staying productive. With Insightful “Work from home” really means work from home

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