Making Remote Work Possible for eSquared

Discover how eSquared transformed into a high-productivity remote workplace with the help of Insightful.

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Insightful was our top choice because it offered a lot of features which were above our expectations.
Allison Lessard,
Director of Organizational Development

eSquared Before Insightful

eSquared has been providing communication consulting services for over 20 years to various industries, ranging from healthcare to service businesses. Pre-pandemic, their whole team worked from their central location, but the company had plans to offer remote employment to eligible workers.

The pandemic fast-tracked this decision. Working from home became a necessity, rather than a planned perk.While eSquared had an HR software in place for attendance tracking, feedback and reviews, it couldn’t help them measure productivity or track day-to-day activities.

Initially, eSquared simply had plans to find a solution to monitor the productivity of their remote team. But, on discovering Insightful, they quickly realized even more was possible. Insightful had the capabilities to solve two of their major concerns: understanding employee (un)productivity and unearthing the core performance issues behind it.

We wanted to make sure that people are as productive when they’re working from home, but we realized that Insightful can offer us much more in the future.
Allison Lessard,
Director of Organizational Development

Favorite Features

Real-Time Insights

An instant overview of everyone's current activities gives managers a snapshot of what employees are working on at any moment.

Idle Time

Managers at eSquared have deemed Idle Time one of their key KPIs for success, and they depend on Insightful to accurately track it.

Productivity Tracking

Reliable productivity data helped eSquared transform into a modern, performance-driven remote workplace.

Transparency and Understanding
Keep eSquared Employees on the Same Page

eSquared put considerable thought into how best to implement Insightful.

Top of mind were the potential effect of screenshots on bandwidth and employee workflow. Plus, once implemented, how should managers view idle time and unproductive app usage?

The answers lay in transparent discussions with the eSquared team.

When it came to announcing Insightful to their employees, eSquared emphasized that the software was a big reason they felt comfortable letting everyone work remotely. They also transparently explained how they’ll use Insightful, including what data will be captured and how it will be used, so their employees easily accepted its usage.

After open, transparent conversations around the use of Insightful, the eSquared team understood it to be a helping hand for their new remote work situation.

We wanted to use Insightful as a helping tool, not as a disciplinary software.
Allison Lessard,
Director of Organizational Development

Newfound Productivity Levels Lead to a Business Transformation

When they first started using Insightful, eSquared projected that overall productivity would be around 70%. They understood that working from home is hard, especially considering the circumstances, and 70% productivity sounded like an appropriate estimate. Well, they were in for a surprise!

Since they’ve started using Insightful, overall employee productivity at eSquared has been consistently above 90%. Insightful has given eSquared peace of mind about their team’s performance and capabilities, as well as undeniable proof of what each of their now-remote employees are working on throughout the day.

In return, with Insightful in place, eSquared  are now able to offer some of their teams the option to work remotely for good -- and 98% of employees accepted the proposal!

We’re really proud of our team, and how they handled working remotely. And thanks to Insightful, we can say that with certainty.
Allison Lessard,
Director of Organizational Development

Insightful is Perfect for Remote Teams

Improve Employee Productivity

Use deep behavioral insights to measure productivity and create effective improvement plans for all of your employees.

Track Time & Attendance From Anywhere

Whether your team is working from home, office, or from the other part of the world, you can rest assured that the attendance data you have is impeccable.

Get Indisputable Proof of Work

Leave the guesswork out of working. Insightful gives you exact data about your employees’ daily activities (including the screenshots)!

Make Productive Remote Work Effortless With Insightful

Find out how Insightful can help you create a more flexible and productive workplace.
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