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Insightful + Height Integration

Maximize your team's productivity with intuitive time tracking.

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Understand how your team is spending time on lists and tasks to improve productivity and efficiency.

The integration builds on the time tracking data Height gives you, giving you visibility into how time is used and additional productivity insights so you can get more from your time.

Key Benefits

The Height Integration provides a crystal-clear view of the exact time your team invests in lists and tasks, while also offering you deeper productivity insights into each team member's contributions.

Effortlessly filter all synced lists in Insightful by employees, types, and status. Additionally, you can sort assigned employees based on the total duration spent on each task. With insights into your time usage from every angle, you can analyze patterns and establish best practices for enhancing the planning of future projects.

Plus, the Insightful Height integration has lots of features to boost the productivity by helping you understand how your time is utilized,including:

  • Track productive and unproductive apps and websites: Detailed productivity reports for each task give you insights into your team’s time and computer usage so you can see how technology impacts performance.
  • Understand work habits: Identify patterns in your team’s work habits, such as when employees are the most productive during the day, process bottlenecks, ways to streamline workflows and signs of burnout.
  • Screenshots: Automatically capture  to help maintain your team's focus and identify malicious or unwanted behavior.

Tracking project hours helps you accurately bill contractors and clients for the time spent on their projects, including easily exporting each employee's total time in hours, so you can precisely bill for everyone involved.

To record time on your projects and tasks, simply start the timer with a single click from the user friendly Insightful widget. The simple clock-in and clock-out functionality is easy to use, even for first-time users. From your Dashboard, you can easily manage which projects will appear in your employees' widgets.

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Project Management
Integrate your lists and tasks with Insightful. Track time and gain deeper insights into your team's productivity.

Maximize the Productivity of Your Projects with Insightful’s Features

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Proof of Work

Take optional screenshots to verify work, build trust, provide feedback, and improve productivity.

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Productivity Management

Increase overall productivity via in-depth insights into activities, app and website usage, measure time from every angle.

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Hybrid and Remote

Gain visibility into your time from anywhere – the office, remote, hybrid – and make sure every minute is accounted for.

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Client Login

Give your clients refreshing transparency by providing access to project progress.

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Track project hours so you can precisely invoice clients and contractors based on the actual time worked.

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Get alerted when an employee arrives late, misses a clock-in, takes prolonged breaks, or is absent from work.

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