Tracking Office Employees

Insightful is suitable for monitoring employee computer activities in any kind of office. On this page you can read all about features and options that will help you increase your office productivity.

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Periodic, rules-based and one-click screenshots provide proof of what’s on an employee’s screen.

You can define how many screenshots should be randomly taken during one hour, or you can set rules which will trigger screenshot (e.g., whenever employee visits Facebook). Furthermore, you can see what is employee's screen at the moment with single click.

Optionally, you can grant your employees permission to see and delete their screenshots.

Screenshots do not fit your company policy? No problem, you can disable them.

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Working Hours

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Insightful is suitable for tracking employees' activities on both desktop and laptop computers.

Based on your needs you can select on of the following working time scenarios:

Automatic - Where each and every employee activity is being tracked.

Fixed Working Hours - Track activities only in specified time period (e.g. 9am-5pm).
Activities outside of this period will be counted as overtime.

Automatic Office - Track activities only when computer is connected on your company's network.
Computer activities performed when computer is not connected to company's network will be considered as overtime.
You'll most likely select this scenario if your employees carry laptops home and you only want to track their office activities.

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Insightful allows you to track overtime activities. These activities will be displayed separately in relation to regular working hours.

Depending on selected Working Time scenario, different activities will be considered as overtime.

By default Insightful tracks all overtime activities, but you can choose to track only productive, neutral or unproductive activities during overtime hours, or you can completely disable overtime tracking.

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Different time zones

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Insightful captures time from persons’ computer, meaning that if your people are working in different time zones, our software shows their time as it is for them. You can easily and accurately see when did they have off-days or what was happening on a particular date.

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Time and Attendance

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Take the guesswork out of time and attendance. Track employees clocking in and out down to the second via their computer activity.

Time and attendance is tracked automatically – first mouse movement or keyboard press in one day is considered their clock-in time, while the last activity is their clock-out time. No additional logins/logouts are required.

If you use any kind of existing time and attendance system you can connect to our API and easily compare with time and attendance data captured from your existing RFID, biometric or similar system.

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Get a graphical representation of your employees’ workday.

Clearly distinguish computer activities and inactive time, manually added activities and time spent on projects and tasks.

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Adding Manual Activities

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Manual activities represent work-related activities that are performed away from computer(e.g., meetings, phone calls or similar).

You can choose to manually add these activities, or you can allow employees to do that and review it later review, if necessary.

If computer was used during a meeting, manually added activities will not affect the blue parts (computer activities) in timeline, they will just fill in the white gaps (unallocated time).

Break Time

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You can allow your employees certain amount of time during the day to hide their used Apps and Websites. You can enable up to 120 minutes of private time and you will be able to see it in reports without any details, and productivity level will remain intact.If an employee forgets to turn off “Private time”, upon expiration of preset period, Workuls proceeds with tracking regularly. Select the daily limit for private time and your employee will have the option to start or stop the tracking.

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