Strengthening Client Relationships with Insightful

Lean Solutions Group uses Insightful to strengthen existing client relationships and help their customers manage employee productivity.

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Employee Monitoring
Insightful is good for both the employees and the employer.
Willmar Marin,
Chief Strategy Officer, Lean Solutions Group

Lean Solutions Group Before Insightful

Established in 2012 in Coral Springs, Florida, Lean Solutions Group is a nearshore and offshore service provider with 10,000 employees across seven offices in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Philippines. Serving over 500 U.S. companies, they offer staffing, technology, marketing, sales, and business process outsourcing services under one roof.

One of the tools Lean Solutions Group offers to customers is time-tracking software, as it identified that employee monitoring from afar is a primary customer need. Tools they’ve looked to in the past have proven difficult to get to grips with and didn’t provide the level of customer service necessary to implement the software and its features effectively.

With Insightful, our clients can see if there is the potential to give employees more activities and more work.
Willmar Marin,
Chief Strategy Officer, Lean Solutions Group

Favorite Features

Activity Tracking

Lean Solutions Group aims to streamline processes for its clients and make remote work for its employees as straightforward as possible. The activity tracking feature has proven effective for clients monitoring their employees’ productivity.

Dashboard Overview

For Lean Solutions Group’s clients, a simple software that delivers pertinent information at a glance is best. The Insightful dashboard displays relevant time data in a way that’s easy to understand and draw insights from.

Customer Support

Insightful customer support has worked closely with Lean Solutions Group to iron out any onboarding or operational issues, ensuring a smooth experience for both the company and its clients.

Meeting Client Expectations with Insightful

It wasn’t so much a case of which tool would work best for Lean Solutions Group employees, but which one would best satisfy client needs. While Lean Solutions Group had tried in-house solutions and turned to other software tools for the answers to their clients’ problems, it wasn’t until they found Insightful that they saw the results they were searching for. 

Like with any new technology, there were some reservations at first, particularly related to employee activity monitoring. But these concerns were soon alleviated as clients understood that the functionality enables them to manage employee time from afar while respecting their privacy.

The introduction of the merging feature helped roll out the software to internal employees too. Before long, there were around 200 Lean Solutions Group employees using the tool on top of eight or nine loyal customers. Lean Solutions Group even attributes the strengthening of relationships with some clients to the use of Insightful.

It’s very easy to learn and understand how Insightful works.
Willmar Marin,
Chief Strategy Officer, Lean Solutions Group

Using Insightful to Build Bridges

For Lean Solutions Group, one of the primary challenges it faced was building a bridge between its clients and their employees working remotely from Colombia. Insightful provides a solution to this problem, allowing clients to evaluate how their employees are spending work hours. As a result, Lean Solutions Group is able to fulfill its aim of acting as an extension of clients' existing offices, where employees maintain similar levels of productivity regardless of location.

Identifying lulls in productivity or periods of idle time provides information as to how the clients could better assign tasks and ensure productivity throughout the work day.

Insightful also assists with the transition from office-based work to remote work. Lean Solutions Group gained the confidence to make hires in other Colombian cities, reassured that productivity levels would be high with the employee monitoring software.

Activity tracking shows you a lot of information in one place.
Willmar Marin,
Chief Strategy Officer, Lean Solutions Group

Insightful Strengthens Client Relationships Through Transparency

Upholding Work Culture From Afar

Nearshore service providers like Lean Solutions Group offer clients employees and facilities, yet it can be tricky to uphold the work culture with remote employees. Insightful lets Lean Solutions Group reassure clients that their work culture will remain the same with every new hire, tool, or office space.

Company-Wide Transparency

When using a nearshore service provider, many clients prefer upfront transparency. They want to know what they’re getting in terms of human capital and what that means in tangible terms. Insightful allows clients of companies like Lean Solutions Group to monitor productivity from afar and see if the hires have been good for business.

Seamless Integration

For Lean Solutions Group, client satisfaction is key. As a result, introducing convoluted, hard-to-use tools can be risky. With a tool like Insightful, the onboarding process is simple, meaning there’s little disruption to productivity.

Develop Stronger Working Relationships with Insightful

Insightful enables you to manage productivity and provide refreshing transparency to serve your customers’ needs.
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