How Stratum Benefits Uses Insightful to Effectively Manage Hybrid Teams

Discover how Stratum Benefits leverages Insightful to gain greater visibility into their hybrid teams’ work habits and more effectively manage performance. 

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Insightful’s commitment to helping their clients is what makes me a loyal client.
Marco Fronto,
Managing Director at Stratum Benefits

Stratum Before Insightful

Stratum Benefits is a Financial Services Provider specializing in short-term health insurance products. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, their team consists of 124 employees.

Prior to the pandemic, all of Stratum’s team members were based in the office. During COVID, they were forced to switch to remote work, and many of their team members are still working remotely. As the pandemic continues to die down, they plan to carry on with a hybrid working model into the future. 

When Stratum’s workforce went remote, they noticed fluctuations in productivity; productivity increased in some employees and dwindled in others. In order to better manage these changes, they needed greater visibility into what was happening and why, so they could adjust the way they approach and manage performance. 

At the time, Stratum managed productivity by keeping manual records of items processed versus time worked. The daily quality assurance that was done on the departments and their activities assisted in identifying productivity pain points. An additional solution was used to check when employees logged in, how long they remained online, and their data usage.

What they needed was a more comprehensive solution that could track time and attendance, data usage, and provide productivity insights in one convenient solution.

Insightful is not just a remote product; if I had access to it 5 years ago I would have used it. It's very productive to know what staff is doing all day, whether in the office or at home.
Marco Fronto,
Managing Director at Stratum Benefits

Favorite Features

Real-Time Insights

Stratum’s managers now have the peace of mind knowing that if a team member is working from home, monitoring can be done effectively thanks to real-time visualization and activity insights provided by Insightful.

Time and Attendance

The Time & Attendance tracking feature, combined with actionable insights, allows Stratum to better understand if their teams are working when they should and on what. This helps prevent issues of under and over-working. 

An Intuitive Dashboard

The centralized visibility that Insightful’s dashboard provides makes it easy for Stratum’s managers to see and manage all team members from one convenient place - whether employees are working in the office or from home.

An Effective & Meaningful Solution

Stratum shopped around for a more comprehensive productivity monitoring solution; in the end, nothing compared to the solution that Insightful offers. Stratum was convinced Insightful was the tool to help them solve the challenges they were facing with remote teams; it was tested thoroughly and found to be 99% accurate. They had many reasons for going with Insightful; it’s user-friendly, easy to maintain and manage, cost effective, and provides good support. 

During implementation, meetings were held with management who then rolled it out to their teams. At first some team members raised a few common privacy concerns, but now they are very comfortable with the process and accept it as a tool that can assist them when having meaningful discussions with their managers.

When all was said and done, the entire installation and onboarding process with Insightful was very straightforward and user-friendly. All of Stratum’s employees across all departments are now happily using Insightful. 

Allowing team members to monitor their own productivity is empowering and encourages them to keep striving to do better and exceed their own expectations.
Marco Fronto,
Managing Director at Stratum Benefits

Using Insightful to Recognize Hard Work & Pain Points

Today, Stratum Benefits keeps track of work and productivity on Power BI, which is integrated with Insightful. Insightful has given them the necessary tools they need to monitor productivity more accurately and effectively. Insightful also ensures that Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are accurate as stats are automated.

The valuable insights provided by Insightful help Stratum Benefits better recognize and reward hard work and achievements. When team members need a little more help and attention, the need can be identified easily with Insightful, and managers can step in and provide the necessary coaching to improve their performance. 

In the past, Stratum used to see a lot of hours being logged and thought wow - such commitment. But after implementing Insightful, they came to understand that some employees were working long hours because they were slow - they needed more training, and were overworking as a result. Insightful also enables Stratum to ensure their staff aren’t over working and at risk of burnout.

The visibility that Insightful offers also helps increase accountability. With Insightful, employees have access to their own performance data, and can leverage  the insights to monitor and improve their own performance

Above all, Insightful has helped us confirm what we already knew, that we have a workforce of hard-working, dedicated employees.
Marco Fronto,
Managing Director at Stratum Benefits

Use Insightful to Keep Your Hybrid Teams Happy, Healthy, and Productive

Boost Employee Recognition

Insightful provides visibility into employee productivity that managers can use to boost employee recognition. Recognition and reward programs help increase employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention rates.

Easily Manage Hybrid Teams

Insightful enables leadership to see and manage all team members from one convenient dashboard. Whether employees are working from home or in the office, Insightful is essential for managing the performance of hybrid teams.

Prevent Employee Burnout

Insightful provides meaningful data related to when your employees are working, on what, and for how long. This information is useful for managing underperformance as well as overworking, which can eventually lead to employee burnout.

Effectively Manage Hybrid Teams with Insightful

Use Insightful to get real-time visualization of your hybrid teams!
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