Your Work & People Data is Safe with Us

Insightful is dedicated to protecting your privacy and security.
All your data is always secured via encrypted data, secure connections, multi-standard compliance, and more.

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Secure data protection representation by Insightful

Insightful Adheres to Major
Security Standards

Insightful is compliant with US, EU and global security standards, ensuring your data is safely managed. We also make continued investments to ensure we stay up to date with fast-evolving security standards and regulations.

global security standards


SOC2 compliance ensures that Insightful has controls in place to process and manage customer data. It demonstrates that we adhere to the highest levels of controls in security, availability, and confidentiality. 

Checklist of Insightful's major global security standards iso 27001

ISO 2700

Our international standard for information security management system (ISMS) is based on ISO/IEC 27001 standards, which verifies we have a risk-management system in place for the data we own or handle based on international best practices.

Checklist of Insightful's major global security standards hipaa


Adherence with HIPAA, verifies that Insightful is suitable for use by various health providers. HIPAA is the federal law that requires the creation of standards and controls to protect electronic protected health information (ePHI) from being disclosed. 

cloud security alliance


Implementation of best practices established by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) ensures that we maintain secure cloud computing environments that keep your data safe.

General Data Protection Regulatio


We are committed to ensuring General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance for all organizations that require it. Insightful is classified as a Data Processor.

california consumer privacy act


If you are a resident of California, we can help you exercise your rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act.


Here’s How We Safeguard Your Data

Data Protection

Dual data encryption secures your data both in transit and at rest in every datacenter.

HTTPS (SSL/TLS 1.2) protocol is used in transit.

All data at rest is encrypted by default via AES256 encryption.

Keys are stored and managed by Google Cloud KMS.

Insightful logically segregates customer data.

US, EU, and CA platforms available.


Secure, gated access and audit logs let you choose who access your data – and when they do.

Single Sign On & Two-Factor Authentication.

Strong Custom Password Security Policy.

Role Based Access.

Audit logs provide details about user access and activity.

Automated account lockdown & auto-logout for idle sessions.

Vulnerability Mitigation

Robust, continuous security helps identify and resolve the threat of vulnerabilities. 

Insightful infrastructure and apps are rigorously security-tested.

Tested by leading 3rd party security experts.

Coding security and vulnerability remediation by CSA and OWASP.

We choose vendors with ISO 27001, GDPR, and SOC 1/2/3 compliance.


Multiple Deployment Options to Meet Your Security Needs


We manage all your data on our secure cloud, which is built on the top of industry-leading Google Cloud infrastructure.

Private Cloud

Insightful is deployed and runs on your own private cloud. Insightful is highly compatible with all leading private cloud platforms.


Built with the same feature-set as our cloud solution, Insightful’s self-hosted option is easily deployed and maintained on your own servers.


Your Data is Always Securely Stored

Virtual Private Cloud

Our servers are hosted within our own virtual private cloud (VPC) with network access control lists (ACLs) that prevent unauthorized requests reaching our internal network.

Back Ups and Monitoring

All actions taken on the Insightful dashboard or in the Insightful agent are logged. We also do regular data backups to create restore points that enable you to fully restore your service and data, if required – in real-time with no downtime.

Data Retention

We only retain your data for as long as you have an Insightful account. As an active Insightful account holder, screenshots are stored for up to two months and all other data is kept for up to 24 months.


We have an uptime of 99.9% or higher. You can check our past month stats on our Status Page.

Our Trusted Partners in Security

We only ever choose partners that share the same dedication to security that we have.

rusted security affiliations
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success stories

Thousands of Organizations Trust Us to Protect Their Data

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“We secure and manage our devices virtually on our network and use 24/7 monitoring to keep our clients’ data secure. For us, Insightful is an important security function.”

Thomas Derum

CEO at Outstaffer

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“Insightful definitely created a different culture,
but we’ve been able to go through the process and
adjust to it. Now, it’s just another tool we’re using on
a daily basis.”

James Erickson

IT Manager

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Trust & Security Resources

Insightful On-Premise Development

Insightful On-Premise Development

Insightful is easy to deploy and purpose-built for organizations that want even more flexibility and control of their data.

Discover Our Security-Enhancing Alerts Feature

Discover Our Security-Enhancing Alerts Feature

Our customizable, smart alerts help you streamline your operations and stay ahead of potential risks in real time.

Learn How Insightful Protects Your Data

Learn How Insightful Protects Your Data

Safeguard your sensitive data and protect it against threats by leveraging employee monitoring software.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are user passwords stored?

All client passwords are stored encrypted and hashed. They are never stored in plain/human readable text.

How does Insightful handle credit cards?

Insightful never stores credit card details associated with your account. All credit card information is collected and processed by our third-party provider, Stripe. Stripe is a PCI compliant payment processor. Your card information is passed directly to them, meaning your credit card information never touches our servers.

What happens to my data after I terminate my Insightful Contract?

Once you delete your Insightful Account, or otherwise terminate the use of our services, we may continue to store certain information as needed to comply with our legal obligations, or to resolve any disputes, prevent fraud, enforce our agreement or to protect our legitimate interests. Screenshots are removed after 60 days. Most other data is removed after 2 years. More information can be found in our Data Retention and Disposal policy (part of SOC 2 report).

What is Insightful’s uptime track record?

Our uptime track record is quite impressive: +99.9% for system availability. You can check the uptime information anytime through our Status Dashboard.

The dashboard is updated with the latest information on scheduled maintenance, as well as unscheduled downtime. During downtime, the page is updated in real-time, but you can also subscribe to receive the latest updates.

When will you notify customers of a security breach?

When we detect a data breach, we will notify affected customers as soon as possible and always within 72 hours. The security of your data is our primary focus.

How is multi-tenancy handled?

All data is separated between tenants, so that data is kept confidential at all times. Data is also available only to the specific organization to which data belongs, without any risk of unauthorized access.

Discover More About Our Industry-Leading Security

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