Creating Greater Autonomy and a More Secure Digital Workspace with Insightful

Discover how Insightful’s employee monitoring app provides Outstaffer with the autonomy and branding control they need and provides an added layer of security for their global network. 

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Employee Monitoring
Insightful is an important tool in our business – we use it to track apps and URLs, activity and usage, and productivity.
Thomas Derum,
CEO at Outstaffer

Outstaffer Before Insightful

Outstaffer is a BPO that sources talent from the Philippines, Ukraine, Singapore, Vietnam, and Thailand, largely for Australian and American companies. They make it simple for enterprises to find, hire, and employ talent from around the world thanks to work-from-anywhere technology that enables employees to work in a virtual workspace safely and securely. 

Before COVID, Outstaffer provided staff from around the world, where they worked in traditional office settings. They had always planned the work-from-home model, but COVID sped up the process and it has proven very effective for their business model. Now they have workspaces that enable their employees to collaborate and work globally within a fully digital environment. 

Outstaffer uses a payroll system that employees clock in and out of, but it doesn’t track productivity. In the past, they used a third-party tool to track staff remotely via screenshots or website tracking. The downside was that using a third-party tool meant that they didn’t host their own data, which was important to them and their clients. Once they discovered how Insightful could better meet their needs, they decided to make the switch.

We secure and manage our devices virtually on our network and use 24/7 monitoring to keep our clients’ data secure. For us, Insightful is an important security function.
Thomas Derum,
CEO at Outstaffer

Favorite Features

Website and Apps Usage

The ability to monitor website and app usage allows Outstaffer to track which programs and sites individuals and teams are accessing and using the most.

Activity Logs

The Activity Logs feature enables Outstaffer to track specific URLs, which they then run through an internal evaluation process and create stronger security policies accordingly.

Productivity Labelling

With data provided by the App Usage and Activity Logs features, Outstaffer sorts through apps and sites and labels them according to productivity. Unproductive sites can be blocked at the client’s request.

Insightful: An Essential Tool for Virtual Workspaces

It was important for Outstaffer to host work data themselves, brand it with their own branding, and set up a new instance with each client. Insightful allows them to accomplish all of this and is visually superior and more intuitive than their past solutions. The ability to track employee productivity was also a major factor in the decision to switch to Insightful. 

At first, employees raised some questions about employee tracking in general.Outstaffer explained how they would use the software and what benefits it would bring to the company and individual employees. Outstaffer provides a work-from-home kit to new employees which includes a managed desktop, unified communication, and a software suite that includes Insightful. This equipment isn’t intended for personal use, so tracking is important to protect their network. Further, with Insightful, employees are pleased that they have access to their own performance data.

Insightful offers insight into unproductive site usage, which we can block at the client’s request. This really comes in handy.
Thomas Derum,
CEO at Outstaffer

A More Compliant, Secure & Transparent Workplace

Insightful has proven extremely useful for both compliance and security. Outstaffer tracks the sites and applications employees are using and how often they are used. This activity is then evaluated via an internal process that determines if the sites are work-related or not; the sites are then marked accordingly with productivity labels, and those deemed unproductive are blocked based on the client’s request.

Thanks to the productivity tracking feature, Outstaffer was pleased to learn that their workforce is already quite productive. The ability to measure idle vs. active time has provided them with valuable insights which show them who they need to work with to improve performance. 

Their clients do not use Insightful actively as they have their own tools for monitoring performance, but they have access to the data, and it really comes in handy when they want to verify information by viewing the data insights, screenshots, attendance and time, etc. Clients are happy that Oustaffer now hosts and has control over their data. 

Next year Outstaffer will start explicitly measuring the impact of Insightful on business performance, but the app has proven to be extremely helpful time and time again. When issues arose, clients could use Insightful to uncover what really happened and adjust accordingly by increasing manager or employee training. Real-time insights have also provided visibility into ongoing issues. 

Today, Outstaffer’s business is booming. They’ve hired over 150 staff in the last month and plan to add 300-500 more next year. 

Insightful has proven to be really important when performance issues arise; it allows our teams to go back and evaluate what actually happened.
Thomas Derum,
CEO at Outstaffer

Insightful Provides Client Assurance and Creates Secure Digital Workspaces

Provide Detailed Data to Clients

Insightful shows that your business is serious about providing productive, efficient employees to your clients. Clients can rest assured knowing they’re getting the most out of employees with access to real-time insights and productivity data.

Boost Employee Accountability

Insightful boosts employee accountability by enabling your workforce to work more autonomously; this is supported by giving managers a window into the way their teams work and how well their teams are aligned with company goals.

Secure Your Digital Workspace

Insight into employee activity enables your business to design smarter security policies that keep your employees’ digital workspaces and your organization’s network safe.

Become a More Productive & Effective Team with Insightful

Use Insightful to increase compliance, productivity, and transparency.
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