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Insightful + Freshteam Integration

Automatic data synchronization and enrichment for real time monitoring.

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This Insightful integration offers automatic one-way data syncing. Employees will be assigned to their respective teams once their enriched data is in Insightful.

Key Benefits

With the Insightful integration you can bypass the manual busywork of exporting your employee HR data across.

Automatic data syncing and enrichment allows you to track updates in real time for effective workforce management.

Insightful will assign individual employees to their teams after the data synchronization process is completed.

Time Off Sync Coming Soon

Understand your workforce capacity better with a comprehensive overview of employee hours. Plan ahead with increased visibility into availability.

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Employee Directory
Use this Insightful integration to pull your employees’ HR data and get real-time updates.

Simple Data Syncing and Powerful Workforce Management

productivity management icon

Productivity Monitoring

Make the most of powerful productivity monitoring features to understand progress and performance. Monitor with labels, understand trends with reports, and track time.

activites monitoring icon

Activities Monitoring

Get clear insights into how your employees spend their time. From the dashboard, find out which apps and websites your employees are using to get their work done.

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Hybrid and Remote

Accommodate various work models with flexible time tracking. Support your employees with data whether they work from home, the office, or a combination of the two.

employee Well Being icon

Employee Wellbeing Tracking

Mitigate the risk of employee burnout in your ranks with a proactive approach. Evaluate employee wellbeing by tracking performance data and understanding the trends.

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Time Off Sync (Coming soon)

Sync PTO information with Insightful to get further visibility into employee scheduling. Leverage the data to project a more complete picture of productivity.

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Get attendance alerts in real time so you can be proactive even when dealing with no-shows. Distribute resources effectively with a real-time understanding of current capacity.

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