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Insightful + CSV Import

Sync your organizational structure with Insightful through CSV file importing.

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Accelerate your onboarding process and more efficiently manage changes to your organizational structure. The CSV import functionality enables automatic syncing of your organizational structure. As an Admin or Manager, you can also manage Dashboard access and assign user permission.

Key Benefits

Add, edit, and remove employees, administrators, and managers in your Insightful account using CSV import and predefined templates.

CSV import enables you to import employee information and make changes, like assigning employees to the appropriate teams, creating teams, or deactivating inactive employees. For Admins and Managers, it allows you to manage Dashboard access and assign user permissions.

Additionally, CSV import lets you monitor the syncing progress, review history, and preview changes that have been made.

CSV file logo
CSV Import
Directory Integration
Streamline onboarding and efficiently manage structural changes. Sync organizational info in bulk through CSV import.

Easily keep your organization aligned and productive with these features

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Proof of Work

Take optional screenshots to verify work, build trust, provide feedback, and improve productivity.

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Productivity Management

Increase overall productivity via in-depth insights into activities, app and website usage, measure time from every angle.

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Hybrid and Remote

Gain visibility into your time from anywhere – the office, remote, hybrid – and make sure every minute is accounted for.

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Technology Usage

Gain insights into app and website usage, optimize your tech stack, and understand which tools your team utilizes to accomplish their work.

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Employee Well Being

Use the information from observing employee workloads and productivity to make necessary changes and maintain a stable work-life balance.

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Get alerted when an employee arrives late, misses a clock-in, takes prolonged breaks, or is absent from work.

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