How Insightful Enables a More Proactive Approach to Productivity

Discover how SupportZebra depends on Insightful to unify their team in a hybrid environment and proactively manage productivity.

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The outsourcing industry will keep expanding, and considering what’s happening in the world, tools like Insightful will be pivotal in maintaining productivity.
Nathan Yap,
CEO of SupportZebra

SupportZebra Before Insightful

Founded in 2011, SupportZebra is a business process outsourcing company that supports fast-growing SaaS and eCommerce companies. The company offers a range of outsourced services, including back office support, content moderation and customer support.

Before the pandemic, SupportZebra’s entire team worked on site. To navigate the pandemic, they switched to working remotely. Today, they’ve adopted a hybrid working model, a structure they intend to keep into the future.

Prior to adopting Insightful, SupportZebra tried a different time tracking and employee monitoring tool, but found it was lacking some crucial features. Insightful won them over with a dashboard that enables team leaders to easily track real-time activities, improve team management, and generate custom reports.

The ease of onboarding, implementation, and use was the main reason we chose Insightful.
Nathan Yap,
CEO of SupportZebra

Favorite Features

Real-Time Dashboard

Being able to see what employees are working on in real-time enables SupportZebra to identify dips in productivity and address the root causes before they become ingrained.

Custom Reports

In-depth, team-level reports provide SupportZebra with a complete picture of productivity without the need for manual assessment, allowing them to objectively analyze and measure their results.

Client Login

The client login feature allows SupportZebra to give their clients access to productivity data related to their projects, providing refreshing transparency that most of their competitors simply don’t provide.

Taking a Transparent Approach to Monitoring

As SupportZebra was using a different solution before Insightful, their employees were already accustomed to using monitoring software. To give their team more transparency, SupportZebra uses Insightful’s employee login feature to give their employees access to their own data.

This approach fosters more trust between SupportZebra leadership and team members. It also gives individuals more ownership of the process, empowering them to understand and analyze their data to increase their productivity.

Insightful adds value to our clients, and it gives them peace of mind when they see that employees working on their project are productive.
Nathan Yap,
CEO of SupportZebra

Fostering Productivity In and Out of the Office

SupportZebra sought out a monitoring solution after identifying a disparity between work from home and onsite. In the office, managers were able to quickly do work pulse checks at any point; but in remote settings, there was a lack of visibility.

Insightful helps SupportZebra managers bridge this geographical gap and address productivity issues in real-time by providing complete, real-time visibility into what employees are focused on.

Thanks to Insightful, we’re able to address issues in real-time. So we’re a lot more proactive than reactive with our employees.
Nathan Yap,
CEO of SupportZebra

What Insightful Can Do for Your BPO

Gain Insight Into Work & Productivity Regardless of Location

Insightful can be used by any type of team -- office, remote, or hybrid. It has different tracking settings for each type to help you get the productivity insights you need for your team’s structure.

Create Transparent and Trusting Client Relationships

Insightful’s client login feature allows you to share data with your clients to become completely transparent. It also cuts down on time spent responding to clients’ emails or calls.

Get Detailed Reports in a Simple Way

Instead of manually compiling reports from multiple sources, Insightful’s customizable reports provides in-depth employee and team performance information, auto-delivered to you on the schedule you need.

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