Fields Group Makes Hybrid Work a New Reality Using Insightful

Learn how Insightful empowers Fields Group's managers to be more effective in supporting their employees while maintaining productivity and increasing workforce efficiency.

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What I like about Insightful is that it alleviates the need for an on-site team leader when people are working from home and don't have a team leader present.
Jonathan Latchem-Smith,

Fields Group Before Insightful

Fields Group is a holding company of several IT-related companies. Their main services include data forensics, recovery, and conversion. While their main office is in the United Kingdom, they also have offices in the United States and Thailand, as well as employees who work remotely from different countries.

Before the pandemic, Fields Group worked from local offices. Once mandatory work from home orders were in place, Fields Group already had plenty of remote-friendly systems in place, but something was missing.

They were looking for a tool that would empower their team leaders to manage more efficiently through improved transparency into team-wide activity. That’s where Insightful came in.

Insightful allows us to see how our employees are spending their time and therefore help them to be more successful.
Jonathan Latchem-Smith,

Favorite Features

Activities Report

The activities report feature makes it easy for Fields Group to get a quick and comprehensive view of every employees’ workday. As a result, Insightful reduced personal use of the company's computers.

Productivity Labeling

By assigning productivity labels to the apps and websites their team uses, Fields Group achieves a better understanding of how their employees work.

Manual Time Entries

Manual Time Entries help Fields Group employees account for every time of their workday, including time spent on offsite meetings and trainings.

100% Employee Adoption of Insightful

Implementing Insightful was a straightforward, quick and easy process for Fields Group. They installed Insightful on all company devices and sent installation links to workers using personal devices.

Fields Group's management worked methodically to ensure all employees felt extremely comfortable implementing and adopting Insightful. This included clear communication of internal policies and the value of using Insightful to allow their managers to better support them in their day to day work.

While some employees using personal devices were initially skeptical of Insightful tracking their daily activities, they soon realized that Insightful actually empowered their managers to be more proactive and helpful, making Insightful a valuable tool for a better employee experience.

Insightful has been instrumental in showing employees that they shouldn’t be overworking themselves, and once they clock out, their work should be done.
Jonathan Latchem-Smith,

Creating a Healthier Working Environment

Thanks to Insightful' reporting data, Fields Group management quickly realized that once employees started working from home, they rarely took lunch breaks.

The data allowed managers from Fields Group to begin an important conversation with their employees about healthy working habits, and how using Insightful could help ensure their health was prioritized as part of their every day work.

We tested multiple tools, but Insightful was our favorite because of its intuitive design and ease of use.
Jonathan Latchem-Smith,

Hybrid Teams Thrive With Insightful

Productivity-Focused Features

Measure, analyze and optimize productivity regardless of your employees’ location through detailed reports, apps and websites tracking, and real-time insights.

Flexible Tracking Options

Use Insightful’ flexible tracking options to ensure your employees’ and clients’ privacy is protected, while still getting all the data you need about productivity and daily activities.

Simplified Project Management

With Insightful, you’re getting an all-in-one solution for all your productivity, time tracking, and project management needs.

Simplify Hybrid Team Management With Insightful

Insightful comes with all the features you’ll ever need to manage your hybrid workforce efficiently and effectively.
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