How Insightful Helped Cekindo Stay Productive During the Pandemic

Having a workforce of over 100 people suddenly working remotely can cause many issues in a company. Luckily, Cekindo made the right call and started using Insightful.

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Added Visibility Leads to More Accountability

Cekindo is a management consultancy group that helps businesses expand in the South Asian region. They are in charge of business setup, business process outsourcing, immigration issues - anything an organization needs when they want to set up shop in Asia. In the past 8 years, they’ve established themselves as industry leaders, and they currently employ more than 100 people.

Supervising employees, managing their workload, as well as their attendance was easy when everyone was working from the same office. Their company used a fingerprint scanner to maintain the attendance records, and teams were seated together in the offices so collaboration and supervision were quite simple.

However, as the novel coronavirus started spreading through Indonesia, Cekindo needed to put the health of their team members first, so they started working from home. One of the first issues they needed to encounter is attendance tracking.

We were using fingerprint scanners to track employees’ attendance. Once the emergency state was pronounced in our country, these became obsolete and we knew we had to find a different solution.
Engkin Nursita,
HRGA Manager

Favorite Features

Apps & Website Usage

This feature provides Cekindo with deep insight into how employees spend their time while working.

Productivity Tracking

Measuring and tracking productivity is one of the main reasons they chose Insightful.


Screenshots provide Cekindo’s team with an additional layer of supervision.

Boosting Productivity When Working From Home

Considering their main concerns, Cekindo decided to start using our employee monitoring software. Engkin Nursita, the HRGA Manager of Cekindo shared that the implementation was effortless due to our very simple and user-friendly design.

Our team has never worked from home before, so we expected that they’ll have a hard time focusing and staying on track. Especially considering the situation that made them work from home. Our aim was to find a solution that could help us track productivity to ensure our company is still running so that we wouldn’t have to lose clients and cut pays.
Engkin Nursita,
HRGA Manager

Announcing Insightful to Their Employees

Even though it was the emergency state and the COVID-19 that made Cekindo start using employee monitoring software, they were able to see how Insightful can help them rethink and reorganize their working methods in the future.

We simply explained the bottom line to them: it’s a way to maintain productivity, keep serving customers, and staying afloat. Which in return means that no pay cuts will be made even during the emergency state.
Engkin Nursita,
HRGA Manager

Insightful Was Designed for Work From Home Teams

Time and Attendance

Track employees attendance manually or automatically (based on their computer activities).

Real-Time Monitoring

Check what your employees are working on anytime during the day.

Activities Tracking

Review all computer activities, including active and idle time.

Give Your Employees More Flexibility With Insightful Features

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