How Botkeeper Streamlines Processes and Improves Operational Efficiency

Discover how Botkeeper better manages their remote workforce, streamlines processes, and ensures a proper work-life balance for their employees with Insightful.

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Insightful has really helped us pinpoint inefficiencies in our processes.
Tanya Holmes,
Director of Client Services at Botkeeper

Botkeeper Before Insightful

Botkeeper is a software company that provides remote, scalable, and automated bookkeeping support for accounting firms using a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and skilled accountants. They currently have three offices in Boston, New York, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, with the majority of employees working remotely.

Before Insightful, Botkeeper had not used any software or tracking system to review employee activity. They decided it was time to find a tracking solution when they realized employees were spending too much time tracking their time manually. Further, this method of time tracking was too susceptible to human error.

In addition, Botkeeper had a hard time knowing how their team was spending their time and pinpointing where they could make improvements. They looked at a few other options before settling on Insightful. In the end, they opted for Insightful because of its easy-to-navigate interface which makes it the most user-friendly solution.

Thanks to visualization provided by Insightful, time worked was apparent, and it became clearer what tasks could be redelegated to achieve a more sustainable work-life balance.
Tanya Holmes,
Director of Client Services at Botkeeper

Favorite Features

Real-Time Insights

The real-time insights feature enables management to gain visibility into their team’s current tasks, making it easy for managers to stay connected and up-to-date with their remote teams.

Website and Apps Usage

Thanks to the website and apps usage feature, Botkeeper is able to improve automation and streamline their services by identifying which apps and processes are excessively time-consuming.

An Intuitive Dashboard

Having the ability to visualize their time helps teams at Botkeeper better understand how they are using their own time and pinpoint where improvements can be made by individuals, teams, and managers.

A Straightforward and User-Friendly Transition

Before implementing Insightful, Botkeeper held a company-wide meeting to discuss the rollout of the application and its purpose. Next, they held smaller team meetings for Q&A. Employees had some questions about employee monitoring at first, but any doubts subsided once they had access to the dashboard and could access their own data.

Insightful was very user-friendly and straightforward to install. There was a slight learning curve on how to analyze the data, but once Botkeeper understood how the information was being tracked and presented, their team were quickly able to implement the actionable insights.

With Insightful, the data has helped us gain efficiency, and from an HR perspective, it’s been great.
Tanya Holmes,
Director of Client Services at Botkeeper

Seeing the Bigger Picture with Insightful

After implementing Insightful, Botkeeper was delighted by the ease of gaining a view into employee productivity. One thing that became apparent though was that maintaining an appropriate work/life balance after going fully remote proved to be a challenge. Commute time had been eliminated, and productivity increased, but the new environment made it easier to work more hours than usual without noticing.

Thanks to visualization provided by Insightful, the time worked was better illuminated, and it became clearer what tasks could be redelegated to achieve a more sustainable balance. This helped improve the work-life balance of employees as well as the overall efficiency of the company.

Almost immediately, Botkeeper was able to identify specific applications their teams were spending a lot of time in. They were able to better visualize and identify who was spending time on what and why. Then they set to work building a plan to better automate processes that were eating up a lot of their time and switch to systems that were more efficient. This has been particularly helpful, as streamlining and automating processes is especially crucial for their future strategy.

Our customers certainly benefit from our use of Insightful: we’ve been able to dedicate more time to them by eliminating some of our inefficiencies.
Tanya Holmes,
Director of Client Services at Botkeeper

Better Management, Processes & Balance with Insightful

Achieve Better Work-Life Balance

Insightful provides visibility into how much employees are working and on what, enabling management to ensure that their teams maintain a sustainable, healthy work-life balance.

Streamline Processes

By tracking apps and website usage, businesses can identify inefficient and time-consuming apps and make adjustments to better streamline their processes and improve their systems.

Better Manage Remote Teams

Thanks to the visualization of teams in one convenient place, managers are able to keep track of their teams and their work in real-time, helping them provide better support for their remote teams.

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