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Three Data Layers, One-of-a-Kind Business Intelligence


Tracking Every Action
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Our all-seeing agent captures all employee actions. From app and website usage, to words typed in a program, right down to detecting which tasks are being worked on based on mouse clicks.

For manual time tracking, the agent enables easy one-click employee use and time allocation.

Simple to install on Windows and Mac with a minimal footprint, it has zero impact on system performance.

employee computer monitoring


Making Sense of Your Data
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The server collects the data your agents deliver. Millions of data points processed and organized for machine learning and analytics.

Once collected, the data is used to build meaningful, clear-as-day reports. That way, you can understand exactly what your employees are working on – and what it means for business.

Plus, with data stored for two years, you can return to it whenever you need.

employee computer monitoring software


Your Clear View From Above
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An intuitive dashboard that’s the window to all your data and notifications – the visibility you need to make smart business decisions.

It’s your system control panel, too. In just a few clicks, configure, tweak and optimize the features and actions of your agents and servers, so they’re collecting the data you need most.

With our flexible user management system, you choose how to login. Select a standard username and password, or opt for an already existing SSO or active directory.

Monitor employee computers


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Supported Operating Systems

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BI Integrations

employees tracking software with BI Integrationsemployees computer tracking software with BI Integrationsemployees tracking app with BI Integrationscomputers tracking software with BI Integrationsemployee time tracking software with Google Data Studio intergrations

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