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The State of Remote Work Report: How Companies are Preparing for the Future of Work

Hosted by
Vanja Novakovic
Product Marketing Manager
25 min

Remote and hybrid workforces are not just temporary solutions; they are becoming increasingly prevalent and are expected to establish themselves as the prevailing work models in the near future.

How are companies preparing for the future of work? We gathered feedback from more than 600 businesses of various sizes across multiple sectors to discover emerging trends in the new working models.

Vanja Novakovic will guide you through the key findings from our report.

Here is what you will learn:
  • How smooth the transition to remote work was for companies
  • The biggest challenges with the new models
  • How remote and hybrid teams communicate
  • How productivity is measured in a distributed environment
  • How technology is used in remote and hybrid environments
  • How to make remote environments secure and compliant
  • Q&A